The bulgarian sport for all association seeks to find the solution to the problems by means of setting out the following main tasks:



 Large-scale promotion of the healthy lifestyle through the regular practice of physical exercise and sport via the:

    Organization of events enabling those willing to do sport to do so, and giving opportunities for a pleasant and meaningful recreation and social integration of disadvantaged people, retired  people, various ethnic groups, etc.;

    Drafting and implementation of programmes at national level and assistance for the fulfillment of programmes at regional, local and target group level.



Strengthening of the organizational structure of the sport for all movement in the country by:

    Regulating the links and relations with the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports and the Bulgarian Olympic Committee;

    Establishing regional sport for all structures (federations) throughout the country;

    Urging the set-up of Sport for All sport clubs throughout the country;

    Regulating the links and relations with the Youth Activities and Sports Departments of the municipalities.


Coordination of the activities in the field of sport

    for all among the various units within the structure of Bulgarian sport, the municipalities and other non-governmental organizations related to people’s health.


Establishment of lasting contacts with the Directorate for Scientific and Medical Insurance to MPES

     for joint projects on the problems of the healthy lifestyle and the place and role of physical exercise and the practice of sport in it, as well as the running of joint events and campaigns.


Seeking to find a solution to the issue of funding the activities

      within the field of sport for all not only by the state, but also through sponsorship, but also by the state, the municipalities and the ministries, departments and institutions in charge.