CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV was founded for the first time in Brasov in 1920 as a subsidiary of the largest sports club in Romania, ahead of the 2nd World War, which owned several subsidiaries and it was disbanded in 1931.

CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV had the biggest sporting performance from all the sport clubs from Romania and today the history goes on while in this moment CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV still holds the largest sports performance in Brasov. The club was re-founded in 2015 by a young sports fan who wanted to bring back in Brasov the spirit of sports performance.

Today CS COLTEA 1920 BRASOV has 3 sports sections and more than 300 members. Between these three sections, football is leading the ranking with 12 teams and 280 members, athletics department with 15 members and swimming department with 12 members , coming with many ilusions in this project for the community of Brasov sport area.

The administrative department of CS 1920 COLTEA Brasov has presently five qualified employees who possess the ability to develop a strong structure in the near future.

As president, Mr. Ciprian Jurubescu have all the experience and abilities to develop a big and important association, because of his more than 10 years experience in top football clubs as: FC BRASOV and CORONA BRASOV, top division clubs in this city.