Dissemination activities between January 1 and June 30, 2018 continued, focusing particularly on social networks. We have used the platforms at our disposal by publicizing our events and asking our partners and collaborators to share and expand our messages and campaigns. The numbers related to our channels have increased, as can easily be shown by the details we will show later.

We have a stable and constantly updated website (with news and events in which BRISWA is disseminated, as well as information and relevant news on racism and the world of sport) as well as a presence on the most used social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube, etc.

The social results, obtained to date with social, post and video pages, are considered organic: the commitment has been obtained with a very small sponsorship campaign and in non-repeating, so it can certainly be said that most of the Our followers and people who are interested in BRISWA come in a "natural" way, thanks to our way of working and communicating. In fact, the most important work, for the part of the dissemination, is represented by the sharing of posts with and through the partners, both with institutional and private accounts.



The last six months have been vital for the Facebook platform. The page presented a significant increase in the posts published, thanks to the many initiatives carried out by the partners and, as a result, the likes are increased. Currently, there are 1,305 followers of the page, a figure that is very important considering the number of followers with the pages in the month of September 2017 (about 700).


In fact there has been an increase of over 100% of likes in 10 months. This was made possible thanks to the great collaboration of all partners, excellent in their work of dissemination and sharing. The great mediated interest that BRISWA has aroused following the creation of companions aimed at the fight against racism in various sports was also fundamental.


For the dissemination it is always important to make videos and photographic material, which is crucial to convey a greater number of users on the pages and, in general, on social channels.


Most of the flow continues to be represented by male individuals. The origin of these interactions sees a majority of males, most probably two to the link with soccer. BRISWA has most likely to have a greater expansion, counting on the support of several clubs and different sports and non-sports institutions. Later the countries with the most followers are Greece, Hungary and Serbia, where the BRISWA initiatives are conducted by local partners. Outside the partners, interactions are significant overseas, such as those from the United States and Brazil. A sign that this kind of projects can be expanded worldwide, given its wide range of interest.




Compared to the last report, even the Twitter data record a significant but significant growth (in the last three months there were 7,700 views compared to 7,400 in the previous report). Assuming to consider Twitter a social network certainly more "voluble" and linked to interactions (to twitter) between users, you can not expect numbers in rapid growth being an "institutional" page and therefore less subject to the classic controversy or the classic modus operands of traditional profiles.

On the contrary, for this very reason it is essential to insist on the dissemination of ideas, campaigns and news on Twitter. This makes possible an even better dissemination of all that concerns BRISWA. As often happens, the peaks of interactions, reactions, comments and retweets have been recorded in correspondence with the campaigns and the initiatives realized by the partners. This also means a specific geographical origin, which logically corresponds to them.

The page has not used paid campaigns, so all followers are considered "real" and not purchased. Every day it is estimated that the Twitter profile receives about 200 visits, the majority of which come from Italy. This, as for other social channels, because many of the initiatives and advertising campaigns BRISWA are carried out and focused on this country. However, there are also visitors from the other partner countries and a small part coming from other European countries.

Finally, to improve the visibility of our Twitter profile and expand its interactions - allowing our tweets to reach even users who do not know us - we will aim very much in interacting with partners and users interested or potentially interested in our business. It remains essential to use Twitter in an active way, writing and doing retweets to create traffic and better manage a social media that - unlike Facebook for example - cannot have the minimum margin of static.

Below some screens about Twitter’s social Statistics:







Also on Instagram there has been an important growth of followers (currently 88) that highlight the excellent work carried out in the update and enhancement phase. The channel has been protagonist with photos and videos during the events and soon will see its propagation in the area "Instagram TV", the platform can upload videos more than a minute where we will post live video and montages made during the events organized by the partners.

Almost all visitors come from the areas of our partners, with particular peaks in Italy (and more precisely in the geographical area of Rome). Among the most popular events there were undoubtedly the International Tournaments organized by the Atletico Lodigiani, thanks to the interviews carried out by the Officer, the players and the fans.